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Who uses Moly Bullets?

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I been looking around and keep seeing the Moly coated bullets. I have some 55gr Vmax Moly Coated but never shot them.

Anybody done their own test to see if it helps/hurts/ not worth it?
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Won't touch moly again . Took 5 years and every cleaning product known to man to get it out of 2 barrels . Only gun in my house that will ever see moly again is my moms 270 because she shoots about 2 shots a year . One to make sure it's sighted in before deerseason and normally one shot during the season. Moly coated bullets have grouped as good as or worse than nonmoly bullets for me. I'll stick to NOT using moly . Just my experience and opinion .
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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