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who's done?

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well, regular season is done. now prim weapon only. i was sweating it for a little while, as i didnt have a prim weapon and i just knew my season was gonna be over last wednesday. well the wife told me to go get that handi that i have been wanting for a while so that i could finish out the season... i love my wife! now maybe i can get me one more for the freezer...

who is hunting during prim weapon season and who is done for the year?
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I'm with you Mil-Dot! It's time for me to really practice with my rimfire and get my .308 dialed in. I hope to be able to try F-Class this summer!

POST # 3000!!!!!
Now neck just cause you take the daughter don't mean you can shoot and hand her the gun! :p
Still hunting with the TC Pro Hunter 50 cal.
Joe S. said:
Now neck just cause you take the daughter don't mean you can shoot and hand her the gun! :p
I was done 3 weeks ago....Want daughter to get some trigger time
Sat a couple hours this evening. But no luck. Probably going in the morning. Mostly to try and find some areas with good activity so maybe my son will have better luck Saturday.
I've been out here all day. Saw 2 this am and went in for lunch grabbed my bow and now sitting on a trail waiting on the 1st one to walk by.

Good luck to all this final weekend.

And come on March 12th, for thunder chicken season
Man, coming down to the nittygritty.... I let a 6pt walk this afternoon at my club.... he was nice, but next year someone will mount him on the wall......hard to do, especially early - he came out at 425.....was hoping they were gonna move strong since he moved so early.... gonna try again in the morning, then my schedule will prevent hunting again until Monday.....
Nothing this afternoon, gonna hit it again in the am. It would be hard for me to pass a 6 pt right now, got 2 bucks down and have never limited out on bucks so if I see one he is going down.
Out here now. 1 yote that I couldn't move fast enough to get a shot at and a LOT of squirrels. When squirrel season end? May need to collect one or two next weekend. :D

Haha I just heard a tree fall. Neat
Forgot to mention I got about 30 min before my season ends. :(
At 9:45, 2 came out on my son and I. So we start getting in position for a shot. My son has drawn down on one doe that I can't see due to a tree. So I'm watching the other deer thinking it's the one he's on. Well he shoots and his deer drops in her tracks and the other deer runs around like it was hit, so I put a round in her thinking I was finishing "his" deer off. Then when I get up from behind the scope and look for the other deer it's also laying down. So now I'm like YEAH! Dun doubled up. So we sit a minute with no movement from the 2 deer. We get down and walk towards them and his deer gets up and runs off. I sling some lead at her but miss. So we start checking for a blood trail but could not find anything between where she dropped and where she went into the thicket. We looked for 2 hours with no luck or sign of anything.
I hate we didn't find his first deer exspecialy when we could have shot her again while she was laying on the ground if she would have moved or done something so we would know she wasn't DRT.
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Well, guess I should've shot the 6 yesterday evening...... :tears: That'll be 3 years without shooting a buck in Miss, but still have 2 weeks down here at the house...(club is north of Hwy 84 - zone 1 , house in zone 2), and like to think I'll see that 6 at the club next year as a big 8 or 10....
Eased out there with my cousin today. Small pack of feral dogs came thru and niether of us could get a shot on em. I'm gonna put some soft alpo and chicken livers out for em one night soon and try to start thinnin em out. We got too many wild dogs/ yores around.

Is baiting for them legal?
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