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"Why does this stuff always happen when you're not with me?"

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"Why does this stuff always happen when you're not with me?"

My wife asked me this today while I was on the phone with her (she was out running a few errands and I called to ask her to pick something up). She was at a gas station getting cigarettes and she said that when she was leaving she saw someone from her past and apparently this guy is trouble. She had a very interesting past and hung out with some unsavory characters as I understand it. she has changed alot since then and is a wonderful person with a stronger moral fiber than most people (anyone saying otherwise is losing some teeth). Luckily he didnt recognize her

Scenario 2: A while back while she had the girls with her she ran into an old boyfriend (and my oldest daughters biological father) who is a drug addict in/out of prison and all around "father of the year" who has had nothing to do with his (now my) daughter since she was a baby this scared the hell out of her because the likelyhood of him trying to kidnap our oldest is rather good but for some reason he didnt try anything that time but we saw him drive past our house a couple of times the next day (we have moved since then)

I try to get her to carry for this reason but she still wont do it. I got her a can of mace and she keep it in her purse but thats it...i dont get it.
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Re: "Why does this stuff always happen when you're not with me?"

talonted said:
If you get the right kind of mace i think the taser will set them on fire! Awesome!
That's funny right there! I don't care who you are!
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