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Hey guys I have a chance to buy a win. 1901 pump 22, First off I am not real familar with the gun, it looks like it has been a shooter for some time woods in decent shape finish is not great. Other than that it seems like a solid gun but needs some TLC

1. How do they shoot?
2. Are they worth Having?
3. What should one be worth paying for?

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I have one floating around somewhere, I think one of my nephews has it. :scratch:
I haven't shot it in 25+ years, but it did shoot good, from what I remember. Never heard anyone say anything bad about them.

There used to be a guy that came to the gunshows that had any part could ever need for one but I haven't seen him in the past few years.
I have seen them sell from anywhere from $200 to $2500+ depending on the model and the shape they were in.
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