Winchester 1886

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    Got a chance to do a little plinkin' with another oldtimer today.

    Win 1886 h.JPG

    This one was considered a flat shooting, express cartridge back in it's day. The .45-70 shot a .458 dia 405 gr bullet with 70 gr black powder. This one shot a .406 dia 315 gr bullet with 82 gr powder. This 1886 was made in 1891 and it shoots great. It's heavy enough that the recoil isn't bad at all. I've taken it deer hunting several times but didn't get a chance to take one with it.

    Win 1886 a.JPG
    Win 1886 b.JPG
    Win 1886 c.JPG
    Win 1886 j.JPG
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    If that baby could talk!

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    Nice 1886 Winchester with original patina on the wood and metal. The wood is still fit nice and tight. The 1886 was the granddaddy of the Winchesters! Pre 64 Winchesters are steadily going up in value.....American quality at its finest!
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    The 1886 is one of the rifle caliber Winchester leverguns I’d love to own. I do not care for the 94, but that 86... mmmmm
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