Winchester M1 Garand

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    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Well I'm the proud owner of Winchester M1 Garand that belong to Ted captain-03 that Jeffery was kind enough to sell me. Hope I will be able to make it to the M&G in March with it and the M1 Carbine. Thanks Randy for picking it up for me.
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    Lamar Co.

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    Dang that one is great looking, glad you got it.
    I spent a few years in high school and later college
    ROTC tossing one of those 9 1/2 pound monsters around
    but none I ever saw were anywhere this nice.
  4. Leadburner

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    You almost lost that rifle yesterday. Just for the record, those are not my grubby little paw prints all over that beautiful rifle.:rolleyes:

    Congrats on the Garand.
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    Nice congrats
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  6. Dated Jan 1945, built during the Battle of the Bulge. Looks nice. That CMP stock should be nice and tight, one of the keys to making a good shooter.
  7. Southern Reloading

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    I didn't tell you that Right cause it took us 10 minutes to get the drool off it!!! We didn't see any paw prints though!!:mad:
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  8. righttoown

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    When Randy picked it up for me he said they were told it was the special grade. Would that be what they call the Special Grade M1 Garand on the CMP site? I have never seen the white lettering on the serial number. The CMP certificate says he bought it in 2008.
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  9. If it has a new Criterion (?) barrel, it was probably the Service Grade Special, that is now called the CMP Special. What do you see on the barrel with the oprod pulled back? The white letters are just some white crayon or other white substance used to highlight the stamp (I used to use White-Out - which is quickly fading into the past with typewriters).
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    Did the white out work good? Easy enough to remove?
  11. 22lrfan

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    I use white and red china marker on mine.