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WOOOHOOOO....got IT in the mail today.....finally a CARD Carrying Gun Nut!!!!

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FINALLY..... got my Firearms Permit

I had to dig up an old issue from 1989 in California and do the legwork to find out the case info, contact the PD, have the records pulled, etc..and sent info to the MS firearms unit officer a few weeks ago...and honestly I had given up on it.. :wallbash:

....but it was in the mail today...I knew the case had been dropped, but it popped up on my sheet...so that also explains why I've had a 5 day hold on me all along...but was never denied a gun purchase.... lesson is that it's much quicker to apply for the permit than dig into the reason you have a "hold"....(permit - 1 month.... investigation of hold - 8 months)....

Now, I'm ready for a gunshow!!! WOOOHOOO :2pistol:
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dhollis - That's what I told my wife....she gave me that dog tilting its head look!!!!!!!!!
Finally get to use the Glock23 in CrossBreed holster I bought from Dirtyworks a while back.... Of course now this also opens up the entire world of concealment purchases too...been holding off until this day.... hope the Christmas bonus comes this year!!! Timing of the CCW is very good as well, since I'll be traveling to TX, AZ, FL, and AL this winter.....
DW, no kiddin'...I can finally try out your rig.....
stidgun.... :HJ:

But, I'm happy to address....
Is the Glock my favorite handgun to shoot? No.
Is it my most accurate target handgun? No My XD45, SIG 9mm, and Kimber 1911 are...but do I want to carry them daily? No
Does it have the best trigger of my handguns? No.
Will I always be on the lookout for a better CC handgun and buy and try them? Yes

BUT, Is it combat accurate and repeatable every time? Yes
Is it reliable? Yes
Is it light enough and small enough to conceal effectively? Yes
Can it be used with a handheld light or weapon mounted light/laser? Yes and Yes
Can I shoot it accurately from a draw, quickly, with multiple follow up shots, from numerous positions and/or moving? YES
Is it rugged? Yes
Is it a pretty delicate safe queen that I'd be scared to scratch, bump, carry, or otherwise use everyday? NO
Will I in fact carry it and use it if absolutely necessary? Yes
Is is chambered in a man stopping round and have sufficient capacity? Yes
Is is trusted by those who carry everyday in their profession with a proven track history of reliabilty? Yes

I'll Carry the GLOCK !!!!!
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