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WOOOHOOOO....got IT in the mail today.....finally a CARD Carrying Gun Nut!!!!

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FINALLY..... got my Firearms Permit

I had to dig up an old issue from 1989 in California and do the legwork to find out the case info, contact the PD, have the records pulled, etc..and sent info to the MS firearms unit officer a few weeks ago...and honestly I had given up on it.. :wallbash:

....but it was in the mail today...I knew the case had been dropped, but it popped up on my sheet...so that also explains why I've had a 5 day hold on me all along...but was never denied a gun purchase.... lesson is that it's much quicker to apply for the permit than dig into the reason you have a "hold"....(permit - 1 month.... investigation of hold - 8 months)....

Now, I'm ready for a gunshow!!! WOOOHOOO :2pistol:
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Now all you need is a descent gun.
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