WTT/WTS: LC Smith 16 Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun

Discussion in 'Sold' started by 2009flhx, May 17, 2017.

  1. 2009flhx

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    Location: Collinsville, MS
    Value: $1050 (firm)
    TRADE FOR SIG P227 with cash to work out differences. LC Smith 16 Gauge DB shotgun with super nice $200 hard case and barrel inserts.

    Case colors are nice!

    Some discoloration on butt from pad on gun. See pictures

    Will trade for:
    Sig P227, 45ACP. Carry model.

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  2. Southern Reloading

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    Hey 2009! When you say barrel inserts are referring to a Tube Set for the sub gauges?If so what brand are they?

  3. 2009flhx

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    "Little Skeeters" 410 Gauge $49.99
    "Little Skeeters" 20 Gauge $49.99 (one of 20 gauge is cosmetically rough on the outside, but the rest look brand new).
    "Little Skeeters" 28 Gauge $49.99
    LittleSkeeters Services Page
    The case is made by Browning with the hang tag include marked $195.
    So, that's $350 in add-on for free basically.
  4. 2009flhx

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    More photos...case coloring is terrific.

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