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XD Help

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Got a used XD 45 about 6 months ago.

Previous owner did not shoot it much, couldn't get used to the fat grip.

I have shot it some (about 500 rounds).

Does ok at close range (15 yards or less), but is slightly low and left.
At longer range (20-25 yards) is hits 8-10 inches low and about the same distance left.
Shoots decent groups but consistently low and left. Has done this with other shooters as well.
Off a bench it also shows the same trend.

Tried to move the rear sight with a gunsmith buddy of mine, but would not move at room temp.
Guess it needed to be heated.

Any recommendations on what to do would be appreciated.

Do I need to sell it to someone with lower standards and get another 1911 to carry?
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XD sights are ultra tight. You will mar your finish if you try to remove them with a punch, and you'll need a steel punch to do it. I changed my sights out to night sights and it is a pain in the arse. I'll never do it again. Its best to send it off and have springfield do it if you want to install new ones; but I think you were just trying to move the rear, right?

Chances are is that your problem caused by your hand. Guns don't change trajectory like that just because you move back a few yards. Try a vice type bench rest and different ammo and see if keeps doing what you've said. - before giving up on it.
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