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Got a used XD 45 about 6 months ago.

Previous owner did not shoot it much, couldn't get used to the fat grip.

I have shot it some (about 500 rounds).

Does ok at close range (15 yards or less), but is slightly low and left.
At longer range (20-25 yards) is hits 8-10 inches low and about the same distance left.
Shoots decent groups but consistently low and left. Has done this with other shooters as well.
Off a bench it also shows the same trend.

Tried to move the rear sight with a gunsmith buddy of mine, but would not move at room temp.
Guess it needed to be heated.

Any recommendations on what to do would be appreciated.

Do I need to sell it to someone with lower standards and get another 1911 to carry?
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Your XD is defective...... Give it to me and I will put it out of it's misery with my fully functional XD .45!

But really..... When I first bought my XD I hit high & left. I read that hitting low & left is natural for most people the first time they use an XD. I imagine it has to do with the grip angle compared to other pistols. Accomplished shooters make the some complaint you do pretty often over on XD talk.

Try this:

And if you're still convinced that the weapon is defective, please let me know so I can deal with it in a quick and effective manner. :lol:
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