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XD mag enlarged beveled mag well???

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Anyone know where to get a mag well adapter like you see on race guns for an XD or anything other than a trigger upgrade. I can't under stand why people don't realize block isn't the only gun made. I can't even find a holster for an XD than will fit the pistol with a rail mounted light in it.

Post some links if u know some…
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Blackhawk makes a couple holsters that fit with a light. They're drop leg though

There's the link to that holster. My brother has his pt1911 with a streamlight tlr1 on it in that holster using the drop leg to hang off the side of the bed. I JUST tried my xdm40(which is larger than your xd) with a streamlight tlr1 also attached and it fit great! And still had more adjustment left to it if necessary. You could fit almost any large pistol in that holster....but that's only if you want a drop leg....I'm going to buy one for mine just for transportation purposes so I can keep the light on instead of taking it off just to load it up into the case everytime I take it somewhere
crazyace85 said:
Yeah I want one to carry but good stuff may get one of them bolsters for the range. I got an xdm40 also.
My main use will be from my moms in Florence to Hattie. Instead of hauling that bulky mag holder that came with it just strap the mags in.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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