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Ya'll ready to send a few down range.

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Are you guys and gals ready to shoot. I know I am, looking forward to the 4th Sat of this month. Been working on some new loads for this year and getting some practice at the range. :gun: What is everyone doing to get ready? :gun:
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Well I had a chance to do a little load development last week. I finally ran out of my old stock of IMR 4831 that I was shooting in my 6X47 lapua. I bought some H4350 and shot some nice one hole 5 shot groups at 100 yards. Hopefully I will get a chance to shoot this load in the coming week to see if it does as well at 600 yards. So far looking good.

I also got a Sinclair F-class bipod, it makes for a sturdy platform for sure!

I hope everything is going well for Mr. Whittman, I pray he makes a quick recovery.
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