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Ya'll ready to send a few down range.

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Are you guys and gals ready to shoot. I know I am, looking forward to the 4th Sat of this month. Been working on some new loads for this year and getting some practice at the range. :gun: What is everyone doing to get ready? :gun:
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He forgot to add that he dropped another 50 on ammo getting it zeroed in at 600yds :-(

i worked up a few loads for my new 308. Its only a 20" barrel so i gotta see what it will do at 600. At 100yds the 208gr amax and 190gr NCC did really good. Next im gonna try 190smk and then stretch it on out to 600.

Last time we were out shooting 600 a deer just so happen to walk out of the tree line 700yds behind us. Well that 210gr berger is nasty on deer :D
im gonna save my 300 for deer hunting and start burning this 308 barrel out. It only takes 5 shots thru the 300wm and the mirage off the can is bad. I can get 15 thru the 308 and its still not bad.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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