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Your guns and thier purpose.

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what guns do you have (or want) for what purpose? I was just thinking about it and I can think of some interesting purposes (which in turn justify buying more guns) I thought this may be an interesting discussion just to see what you guys come up with.

I'll go first

Self defense: SA loaded 1911 in .45 (have it)

Home defense: NEF 12ga pump w/18 inch barrel (sort of have it)

Zombie attack: M1 Garand since zombies move slow

Civil unrest/All hell breaks loose/SHTF: Colt AR15 .223 lighter than the garand and higher mag cap.

Car gun: Rossi snubbie .357 cant really explain that one, just sounds like a good idea and its cheap in case something happens to it.

Plinking:ruger 10/22 and 22/45 cause I like em

Hunting/Sniper gun: remington 700 in 300win mag. with a Zeiss conquest 6.5-20 x 50. because shooting stuff thats far away is fun

and of course the obligatory Barrett 50cal rifle for when the aliens show up in mechanized armor

ok now you go.

Note: the majority of my list falls under the "want" category
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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