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youth season opener

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My son and I are ready for Saturday! His first trip to the stand with his own gun. Hoping the 243 sounds off!
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Ok Well Miss Hammer is gonna have a hard decision to make. She either goes to the sleep over Friday and then a 2nd party Saturday or she stays home and goes hunting.
That's what I'm hoping if I can get her to go hunting instead of to the parties. I gotta feeling its gonna be a hard sale for hunting.
Woohoo where is the best place to place a shot with a 22? Miss Hammer is going to birthday parties all weekend so I will take Lil' Hammer instead. He has a single shot 22 that he will demand to take.
What a great way to give back and volunteer time Ree. I had never thought of that. Have you checked into wheeling sportsmen? There are usually kids with that group that would love to have someone take them huting or to shoot.
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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