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    I own several Leupold and Nikon scopes and like them fine. I don,t want a 1500 dollar scope, I want a working man,s scope for a Remington 270. I have noticed that the Zeiss Terra scopes in my Sportsmans guide sale catalogs are on sale for under 300 dollars for these in 50mm scopes.
    Does anyone own a Zeiss like these and what is your opinion?
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    I bought a couple a year or so ago, but a friend wanted them more before I could do much with them. Extremely nice for the money, and I know he's been extremely pleased with them. One is on a Browning X-Bolt and the other is on a Remington SPS .308, I believe. Beautiful glass for the money.

    Vans even ran a sale on them a while back for $150-200ish depending on the model, but that's been probably 6 months. But if Van's will sell them for that price, you can definitely find them for significantly less than $300.
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    No personal experience with Zeiss optics but
    they've been making superior quality lenses
    for decades to be used in telescopes, cameras,
    microscopes and binoculars so they should be
    really good especially at their price point.
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    These were4x12x50-288 I think and 3x9x50-260 . I was going to order some more things and with buyers club get free shipping. I figure that if either of these scopes are as good as my Leupold and Nikon that I will be well pleased. I think the 40 mm was something like 237, in that ballpark.
    I would rather get from the buyer that I have experience with if it is fairly close on price. I also have a Sportsmans Guide credit card that I usually save a little with..I had one in my shop on a gun that I worked on and I was impressed with the clarity.
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    Best ones I’ve used is Meopta Meostar 3-10x50mmwhich I have one for sale $900
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    I wouldn't think you could ever go wrong with Zeiss glass, even in their lower priced line. I haven't used one of the Terra line scopes, but I would not think Zeiss would put out any inferior products.
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    I have one of there Conquest scopes. Highly recommend you give one a try.
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    I do not at present have a Zeiss Terra line of scope. I do have Zeiss Conquest and Victory Scopes. Everyone's eyes perceives light and color differently and not everyone shares the same opinions of riflescopes, or binoculars for that matter. I also have Swarovski and personally, I like the Zeiss better. My eyes tend to just see "better" with Zeiss (my pick of all I have tried). Is that real or "perception"? I don't know, but it is what it is. I suspect the Zeiss Terra are excellent and am considering one for a next scope.
    As I stated above - everyone has differences of opinions. My opinions are based on my personal experiences - while I have no "modern" experience (in the last 15 years) with Leupold, they may be OK. However, I had bad experiences with Leupold years ago, just as a friend in Okolona warned me I would, and I got rid of all my Leupolds - thus I can't say anything about them as I do not have any. Nikon - my nephew has a couple, as well as Pentax, and they have been excellent scopes for him. He also has a Trijicon and loves it - it does do an excellent job. I have old Weavers (excellent), new Weavers (excellent) - I have not tried Nightforce or Vortex but have friends that do and they love them -- But, from my experience, I would not hesitate to pick a Zeiss optic product.
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    I agree with the above. Everybody's eyes are different.
    Ive zeroed several rifles with Ziess, Swarvoski, Nikon, Leupold, BSA, No Namers, Meuller, Athlon, Bushnell, Hawk, NC Star, Nightforce, Redfield, Tasco, Weaver, Vortex, ELCAN, And Trijicon.

    I must say the ELCAN was the most impressive, but it was the most expensive. Next would be the Trijicon TR22. I was surprised at how clear and crisp it was compared to all the others, And with the Fiber Optic/Tritium illuminated triangle it was just flat out awesome.

    Trijicon AccuPoint TR22 Rifle Scope 30mm Tube 2.5-10x 56mm - MPN: TR22
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    About the highest priced scopes that I own are my Leupold Vari X-111s I have 3 different ones, they are great for holding point of impact. But the Nikons seem brighter. With my aging eyes,
    and most bucks that I encounter now is late afternoon , I am thinking of experimenting. It seemed like years ago that there were only 4 or 5 brands to choose from. Now there are so many.