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Its 11pm and your dog is going apenuts and you get up from your book to look outside to see what all the commotion is and you see good ole Ralph Mullins, your neighbor stagger stepping through your front yard. At first you think he is drunk untill the streetlight hits his eyes just right revealing black souless eyes that are dripping puss and blood from the tear ducts, running down to a green, jagged toothed drooling snarl that gapes in the middle of his once jovial face, his now rotten flesh dangling loosely in the cold winter wind. Just as the putrid stench hits you, you see what appears to be half the neighborhood doing the same stagger step in your direction...ZOMBIES! You are jolted from your state of shock by a yelp as Ralph takes a bite out of Bandit, your Austrailian shepard that initially raised the alarm. Your friend and camping companion's whines die out as you run back inside to lock the door and grab your....

(whats your zombie gun?)

...and whatcha gonna do?
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First off I'm dropping Ralph and poor ole Bandit in the front yard with whatever pistol I had in my hand before I run back in the house, cause who goes outside to check on a noise unarmed? Then I am getting the JC Higgins pump, the only shotgun I got that's not a sidexside for the wife, I'm grabbing the Marlin 30/30 carbine,light easy handling and loading the kids up with all the ammo they can carry. We gonna fight our way to truck and head to the nearest NG armory and I'm gonna hot wire a M1 Abrahams tank, then we will get down to some serious zombie killing. :gatlin:
slabsides45 said:
If I get to feeling particularly cruel, I'll put some of 'Neck's Barbara Streisand 8 track tapes on loudspeaker. Mass destruction!
:lol3: Oh that would be cruel, even for zombies.
1 - 2 of 52 Posts
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