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what ya'll know about these?

My knowledge is limited... they seem to have gotten a bad rap...possibly came to market a little fast

Steyr AUG clone

I held one yesterday and fell in lust.....Super sexy gun...been thinking about it all night....That usually means a buy is in order...Only thing that bothers me is MSAR is a knife maker....knife maker doing guns...I dunno...but a Steyr AUG will run ya about $2500

Bad ass CQB gun.....

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Its chambered in 556....Ok a BIG 22 :p

owner shot a few out of it yesterday and says it shot well.

They got a reputation for FTF, FTEs but I dunno if its :bull: or not

a CQB that FTF's FTE would be a very uncool
Yep....I'm guilty on all counts :rotflmao:

That bullpup MASR feels real good in the hands...it really does...and its half the price of a Steyr...those babies are $2500...I don't need one THAT bad
For a vehicle weapon or CQB...it has its place...I guess the "feel" is in the operator...I can't speak to the armorer stuff Gonzo....That's why I started the thread...I have a bead on one for about $1300...way less than a Steyr but don't wanna but any "issues"
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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