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Suppressor Help

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Have been thinking about getting a suppressor but don't know anything about the subject. Not sure what would be the best caliber to buy for either. AR in 223, lever 45 colt, 9mm for the new Dagger? The one for 9mm would it work on say a .357?
As far as paperwork I'd like a trust so I could add my wife and grown kids to it. Haven't a clue on any of that either. If you do a one shot trust can you add people after and how hard is it? Or is there a easier way of doing it.

So any of you guys that are suppressor literate please school me up a little bit.
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Yeah I am totally in the dark on this subject. So I appreciate the input.
Been doing some reading but still have the whole head is spinning thing. I am leaning towards a YHM R9 to start out with to see if I really want to pursue this rabbit. It is a sealed unit for 9mm and can be used on with barrel restrictions.

  • 7.62x51 / .308 Winchester: 16" minimum barrel length
  • 350 Legend: 16" minimum barrel length
  • 5.56 NATO: 16" minimum barrel length
  • 300 Blackout: 8" minimum barrel length
But look's like it might be a decent starting point.

So what would you guys think about this particular suppressor?
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Not too bad. Good price. Can’t disassemble to clean it. And only has direct thread so you’ll have to buy any QD mounts, thread adapters for other pitches, and the booster assembly/Nielson device to run it on a tilt barrel handgun. And I bet it’s still pretty loud on a centerfire rifle being almost a K length can. I guess that’ll be the best way to clean it out, run a few hot 308s through it to blow it all out ha.
So what would be needed to run on a Dagger? Not sure what you mean by tilt barrel handgun?

I think I would rather use the direct thread to start with.
Dang this is expensive going inexpensive, LOL.
The waiting is worse than the expense
Very true
LOL, I can handle the wait. Its the dollars that kill me. Its like do I get a suppressor or another really nice firearm?
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Still reading and looking. And still leaning towards the YHM R9as I want something for the Dagger and I am thinking of buying a Ruger PC9. For a 223 one I like the YHM Turbo T2, and 22lr my choice is leaning towards the Griffin Optimus Micro.
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