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Suppressor Help

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Have been thinking about getting a suppressor but don't know anything about the subject. Not sure what would be the best caliber to buy for either. AR in 223, lever 45 colt, 9mm for the new Dagger? The one for 9mm would it work on say a .357?
As far as paperwork I'd like a trust so I could add my wife and grown kids to it. Haven't a clue on any of that either. If you do a one shot trust can you add people after and how hard is it? Or is there a easier way of doing it.

So any of you guys that are suppressor literate please school me up a little bit.
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I went down the suppressor rabbit hole and ended up with several. I would go with direct thread and avoid the "fast attach" or "QD -Quick detach" style that requires a proprietary muzzle device. I have three "fast attach" style from different companies, and one went bankrupt with Remington so the muzzle devices are hard to find, and another changed their design for a new improved design thus mine are discontinued, and again I gotta scratch one up wherever I can find one. Direct thread eliminates this inevitable hassle, shoulda woulda.

Dead Air makes a fine .22 suppressor, but you can get a Ruger for 1/2 the price. I would start with a .22 and "standard velocity" ammo (which is subsonic) and have fun. You can put a .22 suppressor on a pistol without boosters and pistons and all of that jim-crackery. That crap drives me as crazy as fiddling with friction rings on a Browning A5, and I have two that I love. .22 ammo is filthy, if you're OCD you'll be cleaning your suppressor............... a lot.

For rifle, a 5.56/.223 isn't going to be that quiet because of the supersonic crack, but it'll be quiet enough that you won't need ear protection.
.30 caliber is great because you can jump on the .300 Blackout bandwagon and shoot subsonic, hugely fun and truly silent. And/or get an AR-Upper in 7.62X39 and shoot a lot cheaply, yet noisier.

Oh yeah, let me rant on the AR platform and suppressors, direct impingement = facial gas blast and filthy magazines and filthy ammo in the magazines and filthy brass. Booooooooo
might as well factor in a Griffin Armament SN-ACH suppressor normalized charging handle to minimize the gas blast.
Or piston driven AR upper, or adjustable gas block, or your favorite plan B, or get used to gas blast, wear eye protection, the right eye (for right handed folks) gets a beatdown.

Bolt gun has none of those hassles. .300 blackout (subsonic) sounds about like Pfffft

Pistol suppressor above .22 are not my thing, 9mm suppressor on a shoulder fired gun like CZ EVO, Colt AR9mm, Ruger PC9 is in the fun zone.

Are you going to primarily shoot at a formal range or private property where anything goes?

It's past my bedtime, starting to ramble.
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I must reiterate these proprietary suppressor attachment devices can be problematic over the life of the owner. When YHM advances the product to, as the marketing department will say, "to the next level", obsolescence begins. We've seen AAC go from 13teeth, to 51T, to 90T, none backwards compatible, then go out of business, Sig-Sauer went from "taper-lock" to the current "clutch-lock" and of course it's not backwards compatible.

Your firearm collection will grow exponentially and you'll want an attachment device for everything. You can bet that in 2032 looking for a YHM attachment device or a direct thread adapter, etc., for a 2022 suppressor is going to be a mildly expensive hassle. My middle name is "no-hassle".

Direct thread is zero hassle for perpetuity.

If you're a seasoned citizen this may not be a problem in your lifetime, however, if you're a younger fellar, it will.

I've still got issues with Sony and Betamax, and don't get me started on my lifetime guarantee BassPro Redhead socks. :LOL:

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