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The r9 would be ok for everything you listed but I would not recommend it for someones first suppressor. While the advice I’m going to give might not even fit your needs but I wish I could have told this to a younger me. Some of it I got right the first time and some I missed the mark.
if I had it to do over again I would have gotten a long high preforming titanium 30 cal suppressor with hub compatible mounting first. I ended up getting a good preforming 30 cal suppressor but it is direct thread and HEAVY. I can not say this enough watch the weights a heavy can is not as fun. Current best picks in this category are dead air nomad L Ti, ddc enticer, csg Hyperion, and thunder beast Magnus. The last two don’t have hub compatibly but are very quiet.

the second can or even the first should be a 22 can. I lucked up and got one of the best made cans element 2 but the old AAC is gone. The top 22 cans now are mask, takedown, oculus, switch back, and NYX. Don’t get an aluminum can!

my third can should have been a tough midsize 30cal steel can. There are a lot of good cans that fit in this category so I will just name a few.
Nomad 30, omega 300, vox, anthem k steel, and explorer. Unless you have a machine gun any of these do good on short barrels and ar15s. Don’t get the sandman. It’s a popular choice in this category but it’s heavy and not quite. There is better technology out there.

this is where I would put a do all can mainly for pistol or larger projectiles. I got a 46hybrid and I’m happy with it because I know what to expect from it. I use it on my 45-70 and 450 bushmaster. It has even spent some time on a 5.56 pistol. Yes you can put it on a pistol but I never will because it’s big and heavy.

then I would get the r9 but I would rather have the Fly9 but it’s expensive.

just as a side note glock and glock clones (dagger) don’t make the best suppressor hosts.

the suppressors I have in order I got them and what I think I did right and wrong.
AAC Cyclone- not the best choice it’s heavy and direct thread.
AAC Element 2. - best purchase
Sico 46 Hybrid- good choice for 45cal rifle
Dead air Ti - I should have gotten the Ti L
Dead air 30 - good purchase will use it on all of my ARs 5.56-7.62x39 rifles and pistols

if you really want to get research paralysis check out pew science. He is doing real sound testing you can trust.
Good advice here, thanks. I love my hyperion on 300wm and looking to tame my Whelen, thoughts?
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